One night at 3 am, a nightmare wakes Raj up. Raj, lost for a second, looks at the time and goes to the washroom. When he returns, he finds that his brother Tushar, who sleeps beside him was missing. He assumes that Tushar would have gone off to the kitchen to drink water, so he goes back to sleep. A strange sound of a utensil falling wakes Raj up again. The time is half past three this time and he notices that his brother is still not back. He decides to go to the kitchen and check on Tushar. He finds a plate on the floor but no sign of his brother. Fear takes over him as the situation reminds him of the events that occurred in his nightmare. He goes to his parents’ room, knocks on the door to wake them up but they don’t respond. When he comes back he finds Tushar sleeping, he wakes Tushar up to find out where he was and tells him how worried he was. Tushar, irritated due to his sleep being disrupted, answers “nowhere” annoyingly, and goes back to sleep. The next morning when the family is having breakfast, Tushar with a giggle tells his mother that Raj asked where I had gone at 3.30 am last night. His mother had a weird expression on her face. She then asks “who is Raj?”.

Tushar, totally shell-shocked turns towards Raj where he finds him with a smile.