We are told that we have unity in our diversity. It’s a big fat lie if you ask me. I am not a critic nor do I intend to offend anyone so keep an open mind. What is the use of diversity if it disrupts the peace we long for? We often forget that we are Indians. We always have conflicts with other states in the same country or with other castes in the same state and we proudly talk about peace with other countries. It’s something that needs to change. Discrimination on caste, creed and gender is wrong- a sentence that we as students have seen year after year, in many syllabus related books. But we did not care anyway. We relished the company of every other student unaware of the fact that they might in fact be of different castes. What goes wrong in our head when we grow up?

For instance, untouchability still exists. That’s one of the worst forms of barbarism. Who gives one person a right to label another person an untouchable? I’m sure a lot of us have experienced it. The problem is we don’t do anything about it. When our family or friends ask us to stay away from such people we listen to them. We listen to our friends because we think we’ll lose that close bond and be insulted when they leak that information to others. So instead of voicing our opinion, we just listen to them. We should question our family and friends if they are wrong. A wrong doesn’t magically become a right if the elder of your house says so and honestly you should get rid of such friends who have no humility. Most of us are asked to stay away because of a stupid excuse that such people carry contagious diseases which spread through touch, yes that’s an excuse for people who still have that thought process. They were told to do so by their forefathers and so we have to follow suit. Is that person’s blood black in colour? There is no caste in blood. We were free in 1947. 70 years later and they are still fighting for their freedom. In many households, a separate plate for food and glass for water is kept for domestic servants and even if those dishes are washed and neatly cleaned, no other member of the family is allowed to eat on it and then there’s a phrase called “being a human”. We realise how wrong it is when one human treats another human in such a pathetic manner. No matter how successful you become, if you treat others beneath you like slaves then you at some point will have to face Lucifer Morningstar in hell for punishment, or King Yama if you are a DBZ fan. Don’t worry, you’ll get to pick.

We feel proud when Akshay Kumar points to the fact that soldiers write Indian in the religion column. If the soldiers can do it, why can’t we? The soldiers trust each other with their lives. We don’t even have to do that and yet we create more ruckus for nothing. When a child falls into a ditch or when a bus tumbles and hangs on a cliff, we see many people trying to help, not only the army, the civilians help too. At that moment, do we ask the saviour what his caste or religion is? That time we are extremely gracious to get his help with no knowledge of his identity. We forget everything else when it is to our advantage. Even a relationship between a boy and a girl is never without an issue and this is a country of over a billion with each person having a difference in opinion. So, conflicts will obviously arise. But personal attacks on the other person’s character or burning down tyres and trucks to send a message is not the way to treat a fellow countryman. It’s not morally right because believe it or not, there is something called “karma” which retaliates with tenfold of the amount of damage caused by you, so do tread carefully. Treat a person like a person. Forget about his caste or his Religion or his financial status. It’s okay to not befriend him, but it’s not okay to belittle him.

Try to prove that being a human means something more than a mere word. If you want to be respected, then you have to be respectful. The joy of helping a stranger is insurmountable. It creates a universe of abundance. Humans are supposedly the most evolved species. We should try to honour that title. Strong people don’t push others down; they help them up. We enter a person’s life as strangers but we should leave as joyous memories.

Let your words define you, not your caste.