When is suicide an option? Let me spell it out for you- N E V E R. Period!

Yes, there are always times when you are going through a dry spell, you have nothing to look forward to, you can’t take the suffering, because as we all know suffering is inevitable. But if so, isn’t everyone suffering one way or the other? They choose to stay and fight the consequences. A lot has been said about how much courage is required to kill yourself, but let me tell you that it is only required for that particular moment. What requires more courage is if you choose to fight that moment and decide to do something about it rather than killing yourself. It’s easy to say that we are alone and that the purpose of life has ended, but that’s so not true. We are never alone. It’s our life. There’s always something we can do about it, but instead of facing it we choose to end everything. People planning on killing themselves need to realize that, that is the end. There is nothing after that. You will not find fairies in another world, hell you will not find a world per se. You won’t get to spend time and share your little joys with your family and friends, you will not get to eat your favorite dishes, you won’t get to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Believe me that is enough to keep you alive. You will not get to laugh at a joke, no hugs, no sports, the delicious ice cream, you will never again relish the rain, never will you be able to see the sunrise, it’ll all be a huge bubble of nothingness. You will not exist, there is no middle ground. Don’t think that you will find a better place because this is it. This is the best place if you want it to be. Don’t listen to people about heaven, they can’t possibly know, they have not been there. And if they tell you it’s real then ask them to visit and send you a selfie of them with the angels. If there’s heaven then there’ll be social media too, right? So, don’t let a bunch of pseudo liberals make your decisions for you.

Students who commit suicide for not clearing a mere subject. Most of the richest men haven’t. Isn’t that inspiration enough? But many will claim that all can’t be them. But you don’t have to be them. Be you. Do what you love. A degree and a few marks is highly overrated. There are umpteen number of ways in which you can lead your life. All you need to do is continue breathing. There are Fifteen year olds committing suicide for not clearing their exams. They have their whole life in front of them. Yes, your parents will be disappointed that you didn’t do well but they will be devastated if you are not even with them anymore. They will try to take drastic steps like you did but you will never know. When you face failures, don’t be alone and don’t take major life decisions. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside, let it out once in a while. Be with your friends, talk to them or any relatives you are close to. You can survive, you can find happiness again and it’s all up to you but don’t ever give up. If you fail, there will be times when you’ll be called a failure. Let them laugh at you and tease you. You’ll laugh at them and their peanut sized brains when you finally achieve what you set out to achieve. Have a long-term goal, and make different plans in ways to go about it. Your plans will keep changing as you face hurdles but don’t ever change your goal until you achieve it, because there’s always something bigger and better to be achieved. Failures will define you, prepare you and improve you.

A relationship crisis or being cheated on is absolutely the other person’s fault who doesn’t deserve you. There are billions of people in the world. You’ll definitely find someone better. If you believe you were wronged in the relationship, move on. Find joy in other areas, pursue your passion, start working out, hang out with friends who you did not have contact with or less contact with due to your relationship. Eat out, party. When that person notices how happy you are they will try to make an effort to come back to you. You can just smile and walk away at that time. Oh, that’s one bad-ass way of handling it.

All this won’t be possible if you are dead. No reason is reason enough for such a horrific step. The night is the darkest just before dawn, just make sure you are there to witness it. Only people who know how to fall can stand back up, so stand up and walk. You are strong enough to make your own path. Try to find humor in everything you do and when you do you will already be happier than the most.

Disabled athletes are winning gold, elderly are taking tenth grade exams, uneducated ones are becoming billionaires. What’s your excuse?