It is like a drop of rain after months of the sultry summer. It is also the cold you catch after being out in that rain for too long.
Love heals, yet destroys you.

It does not have to be anthropic. It can be a -philic to any prefix.
Love does not need to lead to lust, it can stay platonic.

It is I hate that I love you. It is also I hate you like I love you.
Love is fickle. Love is also forever, always, till death do us part.

It is one that makes you smile out of the blue. It also is the one which makes a tryst with tears a usual affair.
Love makes it worth getting through an ugly situation, might also be the reason that got you in it.

It is the sword that gives you scars. It also is the shield which saves the damsel in distress.
Love shouldn’t demand. But it is needy.

It is said to be blind. And that is only because affection trumps attraction.
Love hugs you tighter, just when you want to let go.

It cages you, yet liberates.
Love can be lived without. Yet love makes it a life worth.