I am sometimes the noise you hear because something ticked me off, sometimes the wagging tail because I like you, sometimes the creature chasing you because you pissed me off. I am on the streets, in some of your houses, in shelters, I’m so badass that I’m also in the police force. I am everywhere you see, because humans are my companions, so I am wherever you are. I’m the luckiest when I’m in your houses. Because then my day begins with you and ends with you too. When you wake up, I stretch my legs, wag my tail and run to you. And sometimes I’ll even wake you up. I don’t care for your morning breath, I’ll kiss you and lick your face because human, I’m just happy that I get to live this day with you. Of course I love food too, that’s why I jump around and cause chaos in the process sometimes, I’m sorry about that. I run around the house because I feel like it. You should do that sometimes. I see you talking on the phone all the time, sometimes yelling, fighting with the people next to you, getting angry over everything and sulking all day long. Now, do you see me fighting for no reason? It’s different when my favorite toy is at stake, but otherwise I’m so good. I look at butterflies, chase squirrels because do you see how fast they move? It’s unreal. So I run after them. I sniff the grass, catch ball, and lay on my back on the grass because it just feels so bloody good. You humans ought to do it sometimes. Because when you are sad, you should know that I feel it. Human, when you are tearing up, I become sad too. I want to do everything it takes to make you okay again, but all I can do instead is sit next to you, sniffing you with my wet nose and let you know that your pal is right here, to lick your sorrows away. Because you really are my best friend. You are also my parents. You humans give me so much love and care for me like I’m one of your kind. But you know what? The day you fed me, the day you put your hands on my head and pet me, I’ve loved you ever since.
Sometimes I’m not that lucky to get parents who love me that much. Some of you get me because I’m scary when I get angry. Sure, I can bite and growl to scare the bad humans away, a term which I don’t believe in. Despite all of that, I’m here for you. Some of you tie me up and leave me there. You all don’t realize that I miss you that time. I want to be pet, to be loved. I don’t just want to be kept away from you all the time. I want to hear kind words from you, that gibberish language you all talk to me in. But some of you just don’t get it. You shun me away, you beat me up because sometimes I do things that are wrong, but I don’t know any better. You didn’t teach me with enough patience for me to know any better. Some of you tie my mouth shut for the joy of it. I get it I’m loud, but is that so bad that you don’t let me speak at all? Some of you throw me from terraces because you felt like it. Some of you kill my babies to teach me a lesson. Some of you run me over with your vehicles because you think its fun. Some of you hit me with your vehicles by mistake but leave me there to die. Some of your babies, your kids, pelt stones at me, they mock me and bark at me to agitate me and you all just watch. Do my puppies do the same to you? Then why do you let yours mistreat me like that, human? So sometimes even though I love your kind, you scare me the most. I put my tail between my legs and run for my life whenever I see you coming close to me. I run even if you want to give me food or pet me. Because your kind breaks me sometimes.a_good_dog_can_bring_happiness_to_your_life
Then there is this time of the year during Diwali, where all of you humans look so happy and get boxes of something which I’m not allowed to eat. You make our homes and the streets look so pretty with all the shiny, pretty lights around. Then, as I’m admiring what all you can do, there is this sound, this shattering noise that I cannot take. You call it firecrackers and it lights the street up but it scares me to bits. You humans look so happy making that sound, I don’t understand. I’m so terribly confused. When I’m in your home, I hide under chairs and beds. When I’m in the streets, I’m so lost as to where to go. I try hiding wherever I can but I’m just so scared. But I can’t do anything about it because my best friends like it so much. So I bark, whimper and hide.
I can go on about my problems but you see I live for very few years to make my day about that. And despite what you all put me through I cannot help but give you the biggest tail wag and highest jump. For every human who treats me wrong there have always been many others who’ve fed me, pet me, taken care of me, given me their homes. For that I’ll always be grateful. I know that I can’t live as long as you do, so whenever I’m in one of your homes and it’s time for me to go, you sometimes get so upset that you vow to not do this again. I know you’re hurting and believe me, if I could, I would stay with you for as long as you wanted and probably would’ve followed you even if you shooed me away. But I can’t do that. So instead, open your arms to another one of my kind. We might have different colors, behaviors, size and shape but underneath all that fur, it’s the same heart that wants to give you all the love, the same eyes which stare at the door for you to come home each day, the same paws which want to mark that footprint in your life.