For all those who thought that our ex-Prime minister could not speak. He can. And he did today in the Rajya Sabha. He finally broke his 11 year Maun vrat. But some brilliant points made by him on the floor of the house. Some being-

“The demonetisation drive is a monumental mismanagement failure.”

“My own view is that GDP growth can fall by 2 per cent and that is an underestimate,”

“This will hurt agriculture, small industry and everyone in the unorganised sector.”

“The demonetisation drive will have disastrous effect on economy”.

“The prime minister said to wait for 50 days…but for poor people, even 50 days can be detrimental.”

“It is important to take note of the grievances of the people suffering.”

“Sixty to sixty-five people have lost their lives, what has been done can weaken our people’s confidence in currency and banking system.”

“I want to ask PM that can he name any country where people have deposited their money but are not able to withdraw it.”

“The prime minister must come up with some constructive proposal on how we can implement the scheme.”

“Those who say demonetisation is good in the long run should recall the quote: ‘In the long run we are all dead’.”



People are still supporting this move by our Prime minister. Hands down it’s a very good strategy to curb whatever amount of black money is present as cash in India. Implementation occurred at the right time. It was when crores of rupees would be bet on the US elections in the Satta Bazaar (Bet Market). The planning to implement the scheme, drawing up to the implementation was also wonderfully done. But the only aspect of this large scheme which was not planned was what would happen after it came into effect? Could they not predict it? It is hard to believe with so many great minds working in the government.

Rural India is worst hit. It’s a nightmare for them. This little inconvenience feels unbearable to us. But our farmers and other citizens who reside in rural areas and who do not have bank accounts, are suffering. They do not have money to meet their daily needs. Hell, they do not have money for food. This should have been anticipated.

Some people (Ahem… RaGa) say that they don’t see the rich in queues. There are two reasons for that, one is they already have liquid cash available with them for their daily use for now. Second reason is if they are hoarding cash, I’m sure they will not be stupid enough to come to a bank. But hey, Screw Logic!

Arvind Kejriwal, Sir I request you to please stop worrying about what Modi is planning and start worrying about Delhi. It’s becoming an inhabitable place every day while you are protesting. You should have banned crackers this Diwali. That was unforgivable. People are dying. Please stand up to your principles. People are losing faith or are you so phased by Modi’s decision that you can’t see clearly or is it because of the smog in Delhi? And what was that about Banks absconding with our money? Really? Are you really an IItian? Doesn’t seem like it given how you think.

These days when some politician talks about inconvenience to the common man, it really feels like a lie. Every party is in power or was in power at some point, but nothing has changed. Since when did you politicians start worrying about inconvenience to the common people? This decision by Mr Narendra Modi, I’m sure is a do or die kind of a situation for him.  This inconvenience to the people can cause a negative impact on his next term, but he did it anyway.

Rather regret doing something than not doing anything.

There was a role reversal today. Dr Manmohan Singh was talking and Mr Modi was silent. The winter session of parliament is being disrupted every day. It is our tax money being drained for their childish fight while they can have a civilised debate but choose to haul proceedings instead.

Kashmiris are happy. At least something good has come out of all this commotion. India needs to work together including political parties.

Terror funding is hit the hardest. Maoists are not able to buy weapons. Pakistan’s fake currency business is gone to the dogs. It has its downsides, but if this transition shifts faster and smoother then we are in for a real treat. Already all the black money hoarders are having sleepless nights. A lot of them are burning their money. Some brilliant ideas came up like donating it to the hospitals or the army.

We are being constantly reminded that it is an inconvenience. I’m sorry up until now we were not really living conveniently. Higher amount of inconvenience for a few days and a brighter future is better than a small amount of inconvenience forever!

Criticism is sometimes the best way to show one’s nationalism. Liberty is found on that principle but please don’t sympathise with the common man for votes, we are not that naïve to not realise.