You came into my life one day as a 7 month old, four legged definition of love. Scared and unsure of what to expect. I was a third grader, cramming my way into a Kannada exam but I couldn’t care less because you were here! You walked in and everything changed. There was already another one of your kind at home, who was more than happy to have a brother like you. As for me, I had found in you a sibling I never had. You jumped on me, licked my face and I knew an exam was the least of my concerns. You made everyone laugh and smile with your goofiness and surprised us with how much a scrawny little guy could eat. You made mum so happy and sat on her lap only to pee on her later. But she forgave you cause she just found another child in you. You completed the family in ways you never understood. You made my world whole in ways I can never explain. You thought footwear was a chew toy and my erasers as food. The countless erasers that must have gone into that tummy of yours. You ate half of my project book and I was so furious. Then you’d make that face of yours which could melt the devil itself and sit in one corner. Who could be angry at that face any longer?

When grandma passed away, we left the two of you at the hands of a caretaker only to come back to just you in the house. We never got to see your brother when he went but you were right by his side and that makes me glad. Then it was just you and the other five humans of the family, you got lonely for a while when he went, but being the happy creature that you were, you recovered so quickly and helped us recover too.

You weren’t a usual one. Not at all. You were a little hard to please and that made things even more interesting. Whenever you’d let my friends pet you, they shrieked with happiness cause they knew that you approved of them. Not that you didn’t like anybody, you just showed love in different ways. That made it easier for the ones who were scared of your kind to love you. There were people who simply loved you for how laid back you were. Hands down the most laid back dog ever. You have been my support ever since. As a wet nose on my hand whenever I’ve been down. You listened to my countless rants of problems in school, problems at home. You knew all my teenage issues and all the stories of heartbreak. You were the best listener. You used to cuddle up next to me and sleep in the night only to realize that you would hog all the blanket. You used to jump on my stomach and wake me up, because an alarm is too mainstream. You had the most gentle soul. You would poop before your walk time and then feel so bad about it and hide in a corner. No one could ever yell at you after that. You would rest your head on uncle’s feet. Sit on Dad’s lap. You would jump on aunt whenever she was silent and would go on hunger strike if mum wasn’t around to feed you. You were everyone’s favorite. You would hold our legs with your two paws whenever you’d see luggage and realise we were going somewhere and you weren’t coming along. To walk away from that were among the hardest things to do. My sweet boy would pretend to be macho and bark at dogs through the gate but the moment we were out on the road, you’d simply hide yourself behind me. You were the cutest. You absolutely loved rain and would run outside to get drenched. I had to run behind you to get you back inside which would end up in both of us getting drenched and then of course getting yelled by mum. But it was always fun getting yelled together. What wasn’t fun, was when I had to dry you and you’d terrorize the village by the time I was done. Such a goofy little being.

As time passed by, you got a little weaker. Your knees got weaker and you couldn’t be as jumpy as you liked. You couldn’t jump on the bed and tear the sheets. You couldn’t jump on the sofa to your favorite spot. But you being the most adjustable being ever, simply found a new spot on the floor. And we tried to make that as comfortable for you as we could with a blanket. You soon fell in love with that blanket and wouldn’t sleep there without it. You might’ve been 14 but you were still a baby at heart. You would cry because getting up was getting harder, nothing broke my heart more. Then a day came where I thought life was simply getting harder to deal with and I thought I’d talk to you about it. Only to realize that was the last day that I got to see you. Silently without causing any trouble to anyone not realizing you were leaving the biggest ache that nothing could ever repair. I saw you go, the irony being I had an exam then too and I could care less again. But I couldn’t be more grateful to you for spending 15 years of your life with us. For growing up with me and being the best dog anybody could ask for. We said goodbye to you with that favorite blanket of yours which we hope would keep you cozy forever. Thank you for everything. Thank you for just being in my life. You made everything better. And I hope we made you half as happy as you made us.